Hypnotherapy in Fort Worth, TX

Let me tell you about the life-changing impact that hypnotherapy can have for you.

This is life-changing impact is a well-kept secret. For some reason nobody talks about it, even though I and many, many of my patients have experienced insane results simply by harnessing the hidden power energy inside each and every one of our brains.

For example, one of our patients, Jose Gutierrez was able to break his smoking habit after many, many years of smoking. He tried numerous things — acupuncture, alcoholic anonymous, e-cigarettes, religious support groups. It was only after just one of our hypnotherapy session that he was able to finally at least start quitting his smoking habit. He started off 1 week of no smoking. By the time he signed up for a few more hypnotherapy session, his smoking habit was totally gone. It was transformative. This meant he was more attractive to other women, he could concentrate more at work, and he was saving a ton of money.

You can have this transformative effect too! Just give us a call to schedule your hypnotherapy session.

How is hypnotherapy done in Fort Worth, Texas?

It’s a 60 minute session that starts with some friendly banter. This first part is important. Don’t skip it. Do try to build rapport with your hypnotherapist. Try to be friends with him or her. They can’t mind control. But if you’re friendly with them, it will be easier for your mind to accept hypnosis from them.

Once some rapport is built, the hypnosis part starts. Again, there is no mind control here. You only do what you want to do. They can’t force you to do anything.

But here is where the power of hypnosis comes into play. If you want to quit smoking, and I mean genuinely want to, hypnosis will help free your mind to make that decision.

It is life transforming. In my own personal life, I was able to get rid of a dangerous video game obsession that was sucking away 80-100 hours of my life every week.

You can break free of your habits too! Just sign up for this 60 minute session by giving us a call.

Why set an appointment with a hypnotherapist in Fort Worth, TX?

Our hypnotherapists in Fort Worth absolutely love hypnotherapy because of the life-changing effects it can have.

It’s really hard to understand just how big of an impact a mind can have on your life.

So they’re passionate, they’ve helped hundreds of patients break their mental habits, and they’ve have tremendous personal impact.

What more can you want from a career?

Do you want to meet these hypnotherapists? Give them a call right now to set an appointment.

We also service these locations:

  • Dallas
  • Plano
  • Flower Mound
  • Uptown

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I expect to pay for hypnotherapy?

The primary thing you’re paying for is a hypnotherapists time.

The amount of time? It depends on how many hypnotherapy session you’d like to take.

Each hypnotherapy session takes about 1 hour.

Each session is about $60.

It could take up to 3-4 sessions.

So, total cost wise, it could be anywhere from $60 to $240.

Or you could keep seeing a hypnotherapist if there are even more problems you’d like to fix.

It’s entirely up to you.

Is hypnotherapy dangerous?

Oh no, absolutely not.

There is absolutely no physical danger.

This is mental reprogramming, but without the physical incision.

There is no brain surgery – not physically, at least.

The metaphorical brain surgery is done via a conversation with your hypnotherapist.

The only danger I can possibly think of would be false memories. This is altogether very unlikely to result in anything serious (there are a couple extreme exceptions, we understand).

Can a hypnotherapist mind control me?

No. There is no such thing as mind control. That is purely a fiction of Hollywood.

You have no need to fear from something like mind control.

Again, hypnotherapy is purely a powerful conversation with your hypnotherapist.

As you go through the hypnosis process, new neural pathways form and your brain begins to regularly think new thoughts.

This is the start of something great.

Can hypnotherapy really fix my problems?

Yes, it undoubtedly can.

Especially if your problem is entirely a mental / psychological one like an addiction to smoking or video games.

All it takes is a mental reprogramming.

This is the entire point of hypnotherapy.

Come reprogram your mind today. Mental freedom is just a phone call away.