Hypnotherapy In San Jose, California

Have you ever heard of hypnosis?

You can change your life with hypnotherapy.

Because it’s all in your mind. It’s all about mind over matter.

Your mind is more powerful than you can ever imagine.

The only problem is that right now, it’s shackled by chains of unproductive thinking.

A single hypnotherapy session of 60 minutes can help you break free.

Think totally new thoughts. Happy and grateful. Break the cycle of addiction.

I love hypnotherapy so much because of the huge impact it has had on my own life.

I saw hypnotherapy break one bad habit after another.

First my video game habit. I was playing 80-100 hours a week. I was seriously scared for my future career and dating life. Using hypnotherapy, I finally broke the dangerous, vicious cycle and became a freeman.

This is the kind of life transforming effect that hypnotherapy can have.

Do you want to see that same effect in your life today?

Come give us a call to get started.

How do we do hypnotherapy in SJ?

It’s generally a single 60 minute session. You’ll enter the room with your hypnotherapist. You’ll have an initial conversation with your hypnotherapist. This is just to build rapport. Once rapport is built, you’ll be lulled into hypnosis where you will radically transform your mind to do things you’ve never thought possible.

Many smokers have managed to successfully quit their smoking addiction by the sheer force of their mind. It is possible!

You can sign up for this 60 minute session by giving us a call.

Why call our hypnotherapists in SJC?

They’ve seen many hundreds of patients and are officially licensed by the board and association. They have great pleasure in helping free other people’s minds from the the deep shackles of unhappy habits that they have wanted to break for many years.

They also have personal impact from hypnotherapy and are committed to helping others experience the same impact as well.

We also service these locations:

  • Cupertino
  • South San Jose
  • Palo Alto
  • San Francisco
  • San Mateo
  • San Jose State University
  • San Jose downtown

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I expect to pay for hypnotherapy?

The primary thing you’re paying for is a hypnotherapists time.

The amount of time? It depends on how many hypnotherapy session you’d like to take.

Each hypnotherapy session takes about 1 hour.

Each session is about $60.

It could take up to 3-4 sessions.

So, total cost wise, it could be anywhere from $60 to $240.

Or you could keep seeing a hypnotherapist if there are even more problems you’d like to fix.

It’s entirely up to you.

Is hypnotherapy dangerous?

Oh no, absolutely not.

There is absolutely no physical danger.

ThisĀ is mental reprogramming, but without the physical incision.

There is no brain surgery – not physically, at least.

The metaphorical brain surgery is done via a conversation with your hypnotherapist.

The only danger I can possibly think of would be false memories. This is altogether very unlikely to result in anything serious (there are a couple extreme exceptions, we understand).

Can a hypnotherapist mind control me?

No. There is no such thing as mind control. That is purely a fiction of Hollywood.

You have no need to fear from something like mind control.

Again, hypnotherapy is purely a powerful conversation with your hypnotherapist.

As you go through the hypnosis process, new neural pathways form and your brain begins to regularly think new thoughts.

This is the start of something great.

Can hypnotherapy really fix my problems?

Yes, it undoubtedly can.

Especially if your problem is entirely a mental / psychological one like an addiction to smoking or video games.

All it takes is a mental reprogramming.

This is the entire point of hypnotherapy.

Come reprogram your mind today. Mental freedom is just a phone call away.